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Elektrozavodskaya 910 m, Baumanskaya 940 m Perevedenovsky lane,18
  • +7 (499) 265 39 35

Space Acting Hall


Topical culture in action

Mon — Fri: 12 p.m. — 7 p.m.
‘Aktovy Bar’ opens one hour before the event.

Three-course business lunch: 200 rub.

In September, 2006 at ‘Fabrika’, they launched a new project where performing arts, movies and music performances are to be held.

The new club, upgraded and reconstructed, was named ‘Aktovy Zal’ (in Russian meaning ‘assembly hall’).

‘Aktovy Zal’ is a nonprofit non-state organization situated in the building of ‘Oktyabr’ paper factory, first entrance, project ‘Fabrika’.

‘Aktovy Zal’ does not only shows plays, movies and music shows. It also partakes in creative work thus supporting a new generation of young actors, musicians, directors and artists. Besides, ‘Aktovy Zal’ holds professional lections, seminars and master classes.

The program of ‘Aktovy Zal’ is designed by its two residents: Agenstvo Tsekh which is a nonverbal theater and performance, and Кинотеатр.com, a documentary movie and author’s animation.

‘Aktovy Bar’, the cultural center’s integral part, is a cozy café that regularly holds modern art and photography exhibitions, performances, video translations and presentations.

The café’s menu includes nourishing meals, desserts, fruit and milk shakes, large choice of beverages, special offers.

‘Aktovy Bar’ throws parties, banquets and other celebrations. It features a karaoke. Its capacity is 80 people.

Season tickets for one year are available. It will allow you to take part in closed activities, hold your own one, and give a discount for open events.

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