Russian Cuisine in Moscow

Farmer Projects Lavka Lavka

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Restaurant Oblomov

  • Xenia Blanche
  • Ева
  • Konstantin  Plotnikov
  • Svetlana Krylova
  • Grell Sutcliff
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Complete collection of pleasures in the Russian style

Restaurant Russian Seasons

Anatoly Komm’s restaurant

Restaurant Mari Vanna

Cozy home restaurant for those who love traditional Russian cuisine

Restaurant Pavillion

Restaurant near Patriarshiye Ponds with Russian cuisine and Soviet quotations

Club-restaurant Gusyatnikoff

Combination of traditions of Moscow merchant class and modern European club culture

Restaurant Kruazh

Cafe Pushkin

Taste traditional Russian dishes with a touch of gentility

Restaurant Bochka

Taste Russian favorites at all hours

Restaurant Na Melnitse

Authentic Russian cuisine — food for landowners, traders and well-to-do farmers

Restaurant Russky chai

Café serving authentic Russian dishes in Ostankino Park

Restaurant Kitezh

Old Russian Kitezh Town on Petrovka Street

Restaurant Staraya Usadba

Restaurant Godunov

Restaurant Rossich

Russian restaurant serving rasstegais, patties, pancakes, kvass, fruit drinks and liqueurs

Russian Restaurants Ilya Muromets

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