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Elektrozavodskaya 80 m

Cafe Shtolle


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Cafe Fruits & Veges

4 km

Cafe More vnutry

2.5 km

Cafe Lyudee Kuk Lyudee

Russian for 'People Like People' hides a cosy cafe with cheap and tasty food

5 km

Cafe Jan-Jak

  • Alfredo Bs
  • Алёшка Глюкин
  • Анюта
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Paris café on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

5 km

Cafe Didu

The clayest cafe in the world

5 km

Space Acting Hall

Topical culture in action

920 m

House of tea & ice Chainaya vysota

Drink tea. Enjoy tea. Understand tea.

4 km

Club & cafe Propaganda

5 km

Anticafe Babochki

5 km

Cafe & Cinema Fassbinder

4 km

Coffee Shop Les

5 km

Art-cafe Dozhd-mazhor

The first concert&cocktail club on Semenovskaya Street

980 m

Restoran, bar i veranda 32.05

6 km

Cafe Filial

Affordable café serving tasty dishes by owners of Propaganda

5 km

Supnyiy restoran Zupperia

5 km

Restaurant Club Shanti

Oriental club and restaurant, one of the most popular places in the city

4 km

Georgian Cuisine Cafe Chito-Ra

3 km

Cafe Knefi

730 m

Coffee Shop OMG! Coffee

4 km

Cafe Bread&Beef

4 km

Motoworkshop & Cafe Entuziast

6 km

Cafe & Confectionery Bratya Karavaevi

4 km

Cafe Tsurtsum

Cozy city café at a winery

4 km

Cafe Odessa-mama

5 km

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