Unidentified Moscow

Soviet arcade machines 15 kop.

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

Pool Chayka

Kids gameplay Monstrum

Shooting club Labirint

Aquapark Karibiya

Kids Sport Center TagSport

Bokserskiy zal Bobo

Float Center Embryo

Ping Pong Bar P.P.C.M. D.V.O.R.

Cafe + Kindergarten Yeti Snow Station

Spherical complex featuring an atmosphere of outer space

Playground Detskiy Gorodok

Labyrinth Mirror

Chess club White Castle

Float Center Embryo

Labyrinth Mirror

Stable in the Park Stable in Neskuchny

Indoor Amusement Park Magic Park

The largest in Moscow indoor amusement park in the shopping center «Fillion»

Flight Simulator Boeing

«Flight» on a full-size Boeing-737 simulator

Aqua park Kva-Kva

Great family, youth and children's holidays

Diving Club Aquanaut

Diving center Appexdiving

Boxing club October

White Collar Boxing

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