Аntiques Moscow

Gallery shop Baboushka

A gallery and an atelier at Sivtsev Vrazhek in a small shop of antique objects and memories.

Antique store Antique Art

Buy a beautiful antique thing, enjoy the collections

Gallery & shop Maharadzha Interiors

See and buy furniture, textile and interior items of Rājasthān and Hastināpuram

Auction Znak

Antique store Sov Art

Antiques of the Soviet era

Fine Arts Centre Volkhonka-Grand

Antique shop in the basement of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Antique store Waterloo

Antique Salon Bogema

The biggest private gallery in Moscow

Bookstore Bibliophile

Antique store Shop Bibliophil

Secondhand Bookshop Vishnyeviy Sad

Shop Monety Podarki

Shop for numismatists

Antiquarian Book Shop Antiquar

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