Skating-rinks Moscow

Skating-rink #Wowrink

Central Recreational Skating Rink: the biggest skating rink in Moscow (and Europe)

Ski complex Shej.Сom

Rink, shooting range, fitness center, street-park, kids club, aqua-zone

Skating rink Ice

Skate in Sokolniki

Skating-rink Ermitage rink

Artificial and natural ice rinks in the «Hermitage» garden

Glavnyiy katok stranyi Katok VDNH

Skating-rink Novaya liga

Rink «at the Triumphal arch» at the stadium «Meteor»

Shopping center Mega Khimki

Turn the shopping trip into a fascinating journey into the MEGA Khimki

Skating-rink Chistye Prudy Rink

Spontaneous rink on famous ponds

skating-rink Bitza

Skating-rink Red Square Rink

«GUM-skating rink» covering 3,000 square meters on the main square of the country

skating-rink Yuzhnyi Polus

Big natural skating rink in the «Luzhniki» with very good quality of ice

Skating-rink Ostankinsky Rink

Skating rink on the pond of the Ostankinsky park

Skating-rink Tagansky

Skating Rink On Patriarshye

Skating-rink Marjino

Skating-rink Olimpiyskij

Skating-rink U Belogo Doma

New League rink «The White House»

Skating-rink Krilatskoe

Skating-rink Vimpel

Skating-rink Vegas

Skating-rink Medvedkovo

Skating-rink Krasnaya Presnya

Skating-rink Kaleidoscope

Skating-rink Vityaz

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