Recreation centers Moscow

Tourist center Ethnomir

Sport-shooting complex Fox lodge

Relax in the lap of nature

Sport park Volen

Take a rest in a sport park and skiing complex 46 km away from Moscow

Sports Club Tema

Live it up on a trampoline, skating rink, wakeboard, powered parachute, etc.

Ski resort Sorochany

Modern ski resort Sorochany is one of the largest resorts of the Moscow region

Hotel Taegnie dachi

Escape from the city

Oxygen Spa Drakino

A resort in a forest the between cities of Serpukhov and Protvino

Recreation center Kuznetsovo Manor

All you need for an outdoor recreation

Sport-hunting complex Biserovo-Sporting

Shoot the stands, eat in a restaurant and take a rest at recreation centre

Club Mountain Skiing Club

Leonid Tyagachyov's Club is the oldest ski resort in Moscow region

Country Club Solaris

Carting, paintball, shooting gallery, street all and other sports; banquette hall, bar, sauna…

Club Petrovich na dache

A village of hundred lots for country life lovers in 92 kilometers from MKAD

Hotel Fresh wind

A hotel in Moscow region with a wide range of services

Hotel Dafna

Go hunting, fishing and take a rest in a hotel near Tver

Fish club Fish-Time

Silence, smooth expanse and delight in a fishing club in Balashikha without a overnight stop

Recreation Center Woodlakes

Mini-Hotel Taezhnyiy

A country area for celebrations

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