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Suharevskaya 220 m, Prospekt Mira 710 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 780 m Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Scquare

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«I still see is just as it was yesterday: pink tower in its prideful beauty.»

Once there was an architectural heritage that vanished from the territory of Moscow, but it is still alive in national memory, on paintings, in books. For example, one of such significant sites was

Sukharevskaya Tower (Tower of Sukharev)

Every Russian who lived in XIX century considered it his duty to go up the bell-tower of Ivan the Great in Kremlin, pray in Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and visit Sukharevskaya Tower while his stay in Moscow.

There are a lot of legends about Sukharevskaya Tower. Most of them related to Jacob (James) Daniel Bruce who was an associate of Peter I.

Legend says that meeting of secret society ‘Neptune’ took place in hall of foils where Peter I was the first supervisor, Franz Jakob Lefort was a chairman and czarist spiritual father Theophan Prokopovich was a speaker.
In the beginning of the last century, members of ‘Старая Москва’ (Old Moscow) Commission conducted research that found few walled-up underground ways which lead in direction of Bruce`s house.

Tower of Sukharyov was built in 1692-1695 on a place where nowadays Sretenka street crosses Sadovoye Koltso. From 1698 to 1701, the Tower was being reconstructed.

This Tower was named after Lavrenty Pankratyev Sukharev who was stolnik (court officer in XIII – XVII centuries) and colonel of shooting regiment; he kept his loyalty to Peter I during Streltsy Uprising of 1682.

From 1071 to 1715, the Tower was occupied by ‘School of Mathematics and Navigation’ and astronomical observatory of Bruce.

After that, the building was given into maintenance of Moscow Admiralty Board that used Tower as storage. During the reign of Peter the Great, foreign actors were invited to show comedies there. Peter I attended those himself.

From 1829 untill 1890, the tower was used as a tank tower. Here stood vessels of Mytishchi water pipeline. In 1926, Tower of Sukharev became Moscow Municipal Museum. In 1934, the All-Union Communist Party (‘VKP(b) in Russian’) proposed to demolish Tower due to reconstruction of the square with the same name because it obstructed automobile and tramway traffic.

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Suharevskaya 220 m, Prospekt Mira 710 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 780 m
Moscow, Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Scquare

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