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Restaurant Uilliam's

Uilliam Lamberti’s own restaurant

  • (495) 650 64 62
Tverskaya 700 m, Pushkinskaya 700 m, Mayakovskaya 870 m 20A Malaya Bronnaya Street
888rozaliya888 10 months ago
888rozaliya888 10 months
asyunya_n 11 months

Uilliam Lamberti’s own restaurant

daily: 10:00–00:00

With his restaurant, Uilliam Lamberti wanted to make his guests at home and encourage them to cook.

That is why he placed the kitchen right in the center of the restaurant so anyone could join the cooks or offer them a recipe.

According to Uilliam Lamberti, the menu can't be categorized but it offers clients of the restaurant three types of cuisine: French, because its virtuosity is inspiring; Italian, as Italy is Uilliam Lamberti’s motherland; and American and English because they bring new feelings, emotions, and architecture.

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