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Aleksandrovskiy sad 80 m, Biblioteka imeni Lenina 80 m, Borovitskaya 210 m 3/5, Vozdvizhenka Street
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Library RSL



was founded in 1862. It took over 140 years of everyday effort and devotion of hundreds of staff to become what we are now — the legendary 'Leninka'. Today the Library comprises a unique collection of Russian and foreign documents in 247 languages, stocking over 43 mln library units.

It is also renowned for its specialised collections of maps, published and sheet music, audio records, rarities, dissertations, newspapers and other stock categories. Inspired by its history and backed up with today’s potential, the Library is emerging into the future along the four strategic vectors.

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Aleksandrovskiy sad 80 m, Biblioteka imeni Lenina 80 m, Borovitskaya 210 m
Moscow, 3/5, Vozdvizhenka Street

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