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Arbatskaya 590 m, Smolenskaya 610 m, Kropotkinskaya 840 m 33, Arbat Street
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Library Losev Library


Library of history of russian philosophy and culture

Mon–Fri: 13:00–20:00
Sat: 12:00–18:00

«Losev Library» is an apartment-museum and a cultural center with a small modern municipal, public, free library dedicated to history of Russian philosophy and culture.

The museum works to preserve creative heritage of the philosopher, directed by the employee and the last professor's partner in life Asa Alibekovna Taho-Godi.

In the Library there is a common and scientific Losev's reading room, where you can get access not only to books available in our own fund, but also Internet access to scientific periodicals, catalogs and text books in the largest libraries of Russia and foreign countries.

Any person over fourteen years old, regardless of place of registration and nationality, can come here.

The fund includes scientific literature and the access to it is publicly available. That makes the specifity of the Library.

The scientific character of the library lies in specific composition of its fund. A huge number of special scientific literature is collected here, making the basis of the Losev's collection.
Today's acquisition has preserved the same principles that were laid out by Alexey Losev.

Losev Library holds scientific seminars and evenings, meetings, scientific conferences and symposiums, readers' conferences and book presentations of prominent Russian and foreign scientists, excursions and viewing films about life and work of outstanding figures of national science and culture.

The library issues a bulletin — the publication of documents from the archives of Losev, materials on the events of cultural and scientific life of the Library.

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Arbatskaya 590 m, Smolenskaya 610 m, Kropotkinskaya 840 m
Moscow, 33, Arbat Street

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