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Leningradskiy prospect, 105

Cinema Club Eldar


A cozy club to the south-west of Moscow

Tickets: 60-250 rub

There are a lot of images from soviet movies all over the walls. In a lobby there are sham retro mobile, fountain, café where you can buy delicious pop-corn. Our personnel is really polite and intelligent. The bathrooms are clean and the tickets for morning shows are very cheap.

This is an ideal place to watch movies with children.

Moreover, here take place creative meetings with numerous celebrities (and very talented people).

A cinema club “Eldar” leases halls and a lobby for concerts, conferences, seminars, festivals, corporate event, cinema and video-shots, castings and photo sessions.

A stage is 45 square meters and a virtual studio (chroma key) is 180 square meters. Parking is free. We also have artists' rooms and a restaurant.

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