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Mendeleevskaya 400 m, Novoslobodskaya 440 m 24 Novoslobodskaya Street
  • +7 (499) 251 47 43

Pizzeria Bocconcino


Pizzeria with genuine Neapolitan wood stove

Crostone with tomatoes and basil — 200 rub.
Focaccia with zucchini (cheese, zucchini) — 300 rub.
Meat lasagna — 450 rub.
Pasta with red mullet — 530 rub.
Spaghetti with porcini mushrooms — 650 rub.
Spaghetti Ale Scoglio — 750 rub.

Margarita pizza — 350 rub.
Pizza with salami Picante — 450 rub.
Peasant pizza — 550 rub.
Seafood pizza — 890 rub.


Here they serve pasta, seafood salads, meat and fish dishes cooked in the open fire in the stove, Italian desserts. They also have an extensive wine carte.

The interior is soaked through with the spirit of Toscana’s castles, combining a luxury of the Roman architecture and a relaxing simplicity of the villas of the Mediterranean. A smart combination of materials and interior elements has allowed them to create that refined setting and inviting atmosphere of the pizzeria. Larch and teak’s natural texture make a perfect match in a Palladian pattern.

Italian cuisine is unimaginable without Italian wine.

Narrow lines of grapevines growing on countless hills and plains stretch hundreds of kilometers from north to south. Sometimes they alternate with other crops in areas of different climatic conditions

Italy has a perfect climate for making all sorts of wine.

Visit Bocconcino and taste what Italy is.

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Mendeleevskaya 400 m, Novoslobodskaya 440 m
Moscow, 24 Novoslobodskaya Street

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