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Ohotnyiy ryad 370 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 490 m, Teatralnaya 560 m 11/3v, Mohovaya Street
  • (495) 692 11 19

Club Duma


‘Duma’ is a perfect place for casual get-togethers

daily: 11:00–06:00

Omelet with ham, mushrooms and cheese — 260 rub.
Potato pancakes with salmon and honey-and-mustard dressing — 360 rub.
Italian delicacies on a plate — 640 rub.
‘Caesar’ with chicken — 340 rub.
Puffs with beef and goat cheese — 240 rub.
Ukrainian borsch — 150 rub.
Trout baked with mushrooms and eggs — 360 rub.
Chocolate cake — 160 rub.
Ice cream — 90 rub.

Casual get-togethers. Vinyl records. Books. Talks. Letters. Photos. Affairs. Foolish affairs. Cats. Gramophones. Funk. Ping-Pong. Dinner. Laziness. Cocktails. Concerts. Trees in the yard. Scrabble. Darting glances. Cocoa for breakfast.

Duma’s interior reminds of a 1970s Soviet apartment with its refined atmosphere and artifacts inherent in that time. Before presenting their creation to the world, founders of the club wore out their shoes exploring antique shops and flea markets of the Russian capital and came back decorated with unique salvages of quite some fine art value.

Paintings, mirrors, rare retro photos and old books… Here’s a real gramophone, there you see the about-to-become-legendary ‘Karpaty-74’ skis. The owners change the exposition once a month. Many of the exhibits were presented by those who fell in love with this place. Here, you can even try to talk one of the staffers into selling something to you as a souvenir. This place will give you a bunch positive emotions to remember because home gatherings excite you much more than pompous receptions.

Free admission, except for the days of special events (on the schedule, such events are marked with the ticket price).

No signboard.

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Ohotnyiy ryad 370 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 490 m, Teatralnaya 560 m
Moscow, 11/3v, Mohovaya Street

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