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Pushkinskaya 380 m, Tverskaya 390 m, Chehovskaya 580 m Bolshaya Bronnaya, 18
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Jazz Club Forte


Forte’s philosophy: Everything is transient while it is music that is everlasting

daily: 14:00–00:00

Grilled salmon served with cream&spinach sauce – 480 rub.
Fried sea bass with spices and leek – 780 rub.
Herring served with potatoes, onion and aromatic oil – 220 rub.
Porcini mushrooms, rucola, pine nuts and olive oil salad – 480 rub.
Cream of mushrooms served with toasted bread – 220 rub.
Meat solyanka – 220 rub.
Beer – 90 rub. – 140 rub.

The club’s story began in 1996 when Moscow public came to enjoy a performance of a legendary ‘Arsenal’ ensemble headed by the oldest jazzman of the country Alexey Kozlov.

The club’s idea is the following saying when adjusted to music: Ars longa, vita brevis (standing for ‘art is long, life is short’). Superb sound, thought-out material, perfect working conditions for musicians and welcoming atmosphere is what the club gives priority to.

The club’s clientele is diverse, from white collars to Duma members and popular movie actors, and it is love for music that unites them in Forte.

Purchasing a ticket to Forte, you will be able to enjoy jazz, jazz-rock, blues, funk and soul, which are main types of music played in the club.

Alexey Kozlov and ‘Arsenal’, Igor Butman, Georgy Garanyan, Larisa Dolina, Vyacheslav Gorsky, Arkady Shilkloper, Anatoly Kroll and Igor Boiko, ‘Aquarium’, ‘Pesnyary’ and ‘Mashina Vremeni’ ensembles are among those who have performed in the club.

Forte is a regular participant of ‘Bohemia Jazz’, ‘Jazz-rally’, ‘Usadba Jazz’ and other music festivals. The club has its own world, the world full of good music, positive attitude and comfort.

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