Places near «Vodnyiy stadion» metro station

Recreational Science Museum Eksperimentanium

Scientific and entertainment center for learning science and natural phenomena

Estate in the Park Pokrovo-Streshnevo

An old homestead in the north-west of Moscow in a derelict state

Abandoned hospital HZB

Abandoned school Kosmodemyanskiy

Beach Club Royal Bar

Hypermarket Metropolis

Museum History of Cognac

Explore exquisite cognacs in a genuine atmosphere created with items of French winemakers

Sportivnyiy timbilding Sky

Restaurant Vodnyi

Riverside restaurant with a patio near ‘Vodny Stadion’ located at the territory of Royal Yacht Club

Park Severnoe Tushino

A little park with a submarine, strike assault boat and airfoil boat in the North-West of Moscow

school AVT

Vietnamese Restaurant BichCau

Vietnamese restaurant located in Koptevsky Vietnamese market

Riverport Northern

Sommelier School WinePeople

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