Places near «Rechnoy vokzal» metro station

Museum History of Cognac

Explore exquisite cognacs in a genuine atmosphere created with items of French winemakers

Restaurant Vodnyi

Riverside restaurant with a patio near ‘Vodny Stadion’ located at the territory of Royal Yacht Club

Park Severnoe Tushino

A little park with a submarine, strike assault boat and airfoil boat in the North-West of Moscow

school AVT

Vietnamese Restaurant BichCau

Vietnamese restaurant located in Koptevsky Vietnamese market

Riverport Northern

Entertainment Complex Kinosfera

The first IMAX cinema in Russia

Paintball Club Peredovaya

Diving center Appexdiving

Museum Orlyenok

Combat transport landing ekranoplan (ground effect vehicle)

Yoga Centre Aigenara Water Stadium

Entertainment Park Cosmik Kaleydoscop

Yacht Club Royal Yacht Club

Cinema Polyet

Moscow Theater for children and teenagers

Restaurant Parkhouse

Beer Restaurant Broshett

Salads, rolls, tongues and onion rings are peacefully combined with beer in stomachs of our clients

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