Places near «Myakinino» metro station

Beach Superbeach

Open-air club stage in Stroginskaya bottomland with modern resort infrastructure

Concert Hall Crocus City Hall

The one and only multipurpose hall for 6,200 seats in Russia

Ski complex Shej.Сom

Rink, shooting range, fitness center, street-park, kids club, aqua-zone

Wake-park Traektoria park

Beach & club TM Kafe

Open air club and beach zone in Strogino

Restaurant River Lounge

Japanese Food Restaurant Tanuki

Restaurant Shabli

Restaurant Shore House

Restaurant and yacht club

Cafe Saray

Affordable Tatar café with a welcoming atmosphere

Restaurant Fusion

Caucasian cuisine from ‘Grand Gusto Group’ in ‘Crocus City’

team building Funny Club

Tattoo salon Tattoo Format

team building Staying Alive

team building Spokes and gates

team building Underwater course

Yaht Club Crocus City

team building The last Hero

team building TV channel

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