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Myakinino 640 m 66-67th km of Ring Road, in Krokus City Mall
  • (495) 727 17 11

Restaurant Fusion


Caucasian cuisine from ‘Grand Gusto Group’ in ‘Crocus City’

daily: 12:00–22:00

Azerbaijan salad with yogurt sauce — 300 rub.
Crab salad — 890 rub.
Qutabs — 200 rub.
Red caviar and salmon pancakes — 350 rub.
Ayran shorba — 250 rub.
Doyğа — 330 rub.
Chicken tabaka — 640 rub.
Fried durmek in spicy sauce — 280 rub.
Charcoaled Sea bass — 700 rub.

The restaurant seats from 200 to 250 persons. Interior is associated with that of the 19th century: drapery, candle candelabrums, carved columns. There is a great view of the Moskva River from the balcony.

Since there is a stage, there should be concerts! We also hold banquets and other events.

Cuisine is mostly Caucasian but the restaurant’s name implies mixing. So, European and Russian dishes are also on the menu.

Besides, in ‘Fusion’ you can order dishes from ‘Casa Mia’ trattoria and ‘Asia’ restaurant.

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