Restaurants near «Baumanskaya» metro station

Restaurant Brasserie Lambic

Restaurant Karlsson

Karlsson’s favorite dish is jam but the restaurant has a lot more tasty things to offer

Restaurant Latuk

Restaurant Schastye

A branch of a Saint Petersburg restaurant chain located near Chystyie Prudy

Restaurant Lambic

Scandinavian Restaurant Björn

Restaurant Club Shanti

Oriental club and restaurant, one of the most popular places in the city

Restaurant & Bar Svetlyiy Restaurant

Restaurant Ded Pihto

Restaurant Il Pomodoro

The first in Moscow to receive a certificate by Italian Féderation of Pizzaiolo

Bar Stariki

Bar devoted to outstanding personalities of the 20th century

Brasserie Lambic

Club-restaurant Gusyatnikoff

Combination of traditions of Moscow merchant class and modern European club culture

Club & Restaurant Petrovich

Restaurant Casa Agave

Armenian Restaurant Noyev Kovcheg

Restaurant Dantes

Fish Restaurant Porto Maltese

Restaurant Madame Gallifet

‘Fast food’ project by Rezo Gabriadze

Bar-cafe BQ

Motion & Picture Interior

Restoraunt Frendy's

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