Places near «Sokolniki» metro station

Space Local Time

Four friends have opened a place where you pay not for cervices, but for your time

Free Space Tsiferblat

Embodiment of saying
'Time is money': 2 rubles/minute

Cinema 35mm

Watch art-house and festival movies on a big screen

Foodraves Meet & Greet

The most loved master class in the city has now moved to Starики Bar

Cafe Didu

The clayest cafe in the world

Club & cafe Propaganda

Pond Clean Ponds

A pond and a little park on Chistoprudny boulevard

Antikafe The green door

Slogan for this place

Park Pharmaceutic Garden

One of the oldest parks in Moscow which was founded in 1706 by Peter I

Аrchitecture Chinese House

Flower Shop Jolly Bunch

A bouquet of fresh flowers is the portion of the visual vitamins

Arcade Flip&Fly

  • Анна
  • Кирилл Багреев
  • Rita Pesheva
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Architecture Spiring Stairs

Culture Center Gogol-center

Coffee Shop Les

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