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Cherkizovskaya 550 m 80, bldg. 1, Sovetskaya Street
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Underground Museum Stalin`s Bunker


The chief shelter under the «Sports and fitness company Izmailovo»

Wed–Sun: 10:00–17:00

Excursion price — 700 rub.

Video filming — 750 rubles
Photo with a digital camera to the disk (per 1 person) — 500 rub.

The creation of this object refers to the 30-ies of the XX century.
The bunker was conceived as a backup command center of the Supreme Commander.

The Stalin's Bunker is connected to the Kremlin with a a 17-kilometer underground tunnel, where a car could easily drive. The tunnel is still an object of state security.


To hide the construction of an underground shelter it was decided to build a stadium and a Union sports complex, which was even reported in the mass-media:

«To ensure appropriate holding of sports and athletics contest, build the central stadium of the USSR in the city of Moscow.

During the construction of the stadium come from the construction of visual stands in no less than 120,000 indexed seats and a sufficient number of athletic facilities of various kinds of auxiliary importance ​​for educational and mass use.

When designing the building provide for the building in the second turn the Palace of Physical Culture with research institutions, academies and the institute».

Though in 1939, when the underground part was finished, the creation of the All-Union Athletic complex was paused, too. And the stadium is open to the present day.

Did Stalin work here?

The bunker is protected from air raids with the 6.8 m long reinforced concrete floor. This plate is laid on interwall partitions made ​​of natural stone to harden it. Their thickness reaches 4 meters.

Stalin visited it not only for the inspection. In the darkest days of the capital — in late November — early December of 1941 Joseph Stalin worked here.

It is here the decision not to abandon Moscow and defend it to the end was made.

On December, 5, when the Red Army began a counteroffensive, Stalin returned the Kremlin by this tunnel.

The title is the «Emergency Command Post of the Supreme Commander of the Red Army Joseph Stalin during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 years. "

The «Stalin's Bunker» is a public branch of the Central Museum of Armed Forces.

The bunker is open for public visits since 1996.

The Stalin's Bunker is relatively small. There are only the necessary facilities: conference room, work study, recreation room, generals office, support room and dining room.

The only real things remained after Joseph Stalin are phones on the table, a pipe and a table with chairs in the hall.

Photos are taken from Voldema

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Cherkizovskaya 550 m
Moscow, 80, bldg. 1, Sovetskaya Street

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