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Yugo-Zapadnaya 720 m 121 bldg. 1, Vernandskogo avenue
  • (495) 433 29 03

Restaurant Yan Primus


Belgium beer restaurant named after Duke of Flanders

Mon–Tue: 11:00–00:00
Wed–Fri: 11:00–06:00
Sat–Sun: 11:00–00:00

Shrimp ‘Caesar’ — 299 rub.
‘Flemish’ salad — 297 rub.
Collage cheese balls — 237 rub.
Goulash soup — 257 rib.
Tomato soup — 292 rub.
Farfalle — 399 rub.
‘Carbobara’ spaghetti — 327 rub.
‘Mignon’ fillet — 497 rub.
Duck fillet — 592 rub.
Waffles served with honey dressing — 235 rub.
Cottage cheese pie — 202 rub.
Chocolate fondant — 217 rub.

Combination of Belgium cuisine and Belgium beer is very intricate and elegant.

‘Yan Primus’ is famous for its mussels. Also, at the restaurant, they serve traditional Belgium waffles with different fillings, ‘Flammekueche’ flat cakes and other fanciful dishes of Belgium cuisine.

Belgium beer is world famous. Here, you will find such beer as Timmermans, Bourgogne des Flandres, Blanche de Bruxelles, Dominus, Rose, Gordon, Martin and Belhaven Scottish.

Interior is concise. At weekends, we show cartoons for children and serve brunches.

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