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Free Space Tsiferblat

Embodiment of saying
'Time is money': 2 rubles/minute

Chkalovskaya 770 m, Kitay-gorod 820 m, Chistyie prudyi 850 m 12 Pokrovka Street

Embodiment of saying
'Time is money': 2 rubles/minute

Thu–Fri: 11:00–07:00
Sat–Sun: 11:00–00:00

Fee: 2 RUB per minute
Tea, coffee and cookies included

Visitors can bring food

Membership ticket is available


According to the project founder, Ivan Mitin, «Tsiferblat» is a social experiment in a completely new format not only in Moscow, but also all over the world. Its main idea is that every visitor of «Tsiferblat» rents space on it for a definite period of time and, therefore, the payment is time-based.

It, firstly, differs from the previous project «Houses on the tree» by a larger space, and, secondly, the question of payment is more structured here.

Free space

One can work, relax and create here. This space can be conditionally called a café.

This is the second space of the «The House on the tree» founders.

«Tsiferblat» is located in the heart of Moscow. The atmosphere here is cozy and home-like without the restaurant pathos, so that people can relax for a while from the frantic hustle and bustle of the city.

They have created design themselves — old photographs, family pictures and engravings, bought in a sale in England, were used.

What you have to pay for

You have to pay only for the time, one ruble per minute. The owners have established the principle «time is money» in literal sense, so every visitor is given an alarm clock at the entrance in order to measure it . Though, the alarm clocks do not work — for the time not to be too obtrusive.

In the evening movie screenings, lectures, seminars, meetings with interesting people are held here. There have been two rooms since recently.

No cigarettes and alcohol

Though you can do everything you wish — please, smoke outside. Alcohol drinking is prohibited as well.

How to get there

Go round the building of Pokrovka No. 12 and push a button «Ring» in the backyard and say that you want to get to «Tsiferblat» (if the door is closed). Walk up to the first floor.

The second Tsiferblat is open in Solyanka .

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Chkalovskaya 770 m, Kitay-gorod 820 m, Chistyie prudyi 850 m
Moscow, 12 Pokrovka Street

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