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Kurskaya 380 m, Chkalovskaya 540 m 4th Syromyatnichesliy lane, 1, building 6
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Project The Wall Project


A gallery, open air site and conversation club of the street art on the territory of Winzavod

The Wall project is more than just an open air exhibition site.

This is an open conversation club that stresses inner and outer problems of graffiti art. Beside demonstration of work/artist/trend, each new exposition must become an objective discourse, narration that sends you to particular cultural activities and practices of the street art, to discussion of street art in general.

At the same time this project doesn’t set conception boundaries for an artist, but marks problem sphere for all the members of the modern art process who express themselves in a free form on the streets.

Thus, the Wall project deals with relatively independent sphere that not only wants to represent street art as a free from of artistic self-expression, public utterance and a way of life, but also to analyze its current problems and problems of cultural processes.

Along with a general rhythm of the Winzavod, exposition of the Wall project will be kept up to date. Its founders are interest in keeping the “street rules” without censorship, formats and cultural policy of contemporary art center.


1. Creation of an open air site on the territory of Winzavod for temporary expositions which represent different forms of the street art activities.
2. Formation of chamber atmosphere for public and closed lectures and discussions.
These objectives define particular set of aims:
— representation of existing forms of street art activities on the base of trend-and-retrospection approach;
— introduction of the most interesting artists of local and western street art scene;
— stimulation of artistic activity and development of critical thinking among young authors captured within factual representation;
— creation of problem field that makes artists self-reflect and articulate their personal attitude towards current situation in street art;
— cross-cultural analysis of contemporary problems of graffiti and street art in general;
— organization of public lectures, discussions and workshops;
— demonstration of archives as well as motion and documentary movies about graffiti.

That is why project implementation will allow subculture and contemporary art to communicate, to include graffiti and street art in artistic process of Moscow, to provide direct contact between author and beholder supplying appropriate information from the members of the graffiti community. Moreover, it will be possible to run “unofficial” analytic center of street art problems which is a new step not only for Russian, but also for world-wide practice.

Founders and members

Kirill KTO
Graffiti critic, artist, lector, organizer of exhibitions and festivals.

Igor Ponosov
Author of the book series “»Objects”, organizer of street art exhibitions.

Andrey Tseluiko
Artist, fine art expert, author for publications in editions about graffiti.


Stas Dobriy —
Pasha 183 — in Russian.
Pasha Hudoy.
Make —

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Kurskaya 380 m, Chkalovskaya 540 m
Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesliy lane, 1, building 6

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