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Teatralnaya 390 m, Ohotnyiy ryad 390 m, Kuznetskiy most 520 m 6/3, Kuzneckiy Most
  • (495) 660 07 06

Restaurant Brasserie Most


Modern. Stylish. Refined.

daily: 11:00–00:00

Salad ‘Monmartre’ — 1,050 rub.
Russian homemade salad — 650 rub.
Burrata with tomatoes — 1,640 rub.
‘Brouillade’ eggs — 2,760 rub.
Burgundy snails — 700 rub.
Oxtail broth — 970 rub.
Cream of chestnut soup — 990 rub.
Risotto with porcinis — 920 rub.
Sole — 2,850 rub.
Lamb suri — 1,800 rub.
Crème brûlée — 590 rub.
Tiramisu — 690 rub.

This place is well known among both Moscow residents and foreigners for its miraculous atmosphere of the palace of Louis XIV in Versailles.

Marble countertops which were distressed with unique technique, fluorescent lamps and panoramic windows make The Most one of the most beautiful restaurants in Moscow.

At the restaurant, they serve dishes of French cuisine headed by a famous French chef Régis Trigel.

This is a place for the elite, such as foreign diplomats, business elite, literary and artistic bohemians, politicians.

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Summer terrace French cuisine Fancy Restaurants

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