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Teatralnaya 170 m, Ohotnyiy ryad 240 m, Ploschad Revolyutsii 350 m

Square Teatralnaya


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Влад, elena, Nevada, Maria Letizia Focaroli,, Алина Амберова, Дарья, Наталья Почекина, Вероника Обоймова

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Street Kuznetsky Most

Lane Kamergerskyi

Street Staryi Arbat

Lane Stoleshnikov

Street Shkolnaya

Routes nearby address

Lane Kamergerskyi

320 m

Street Kuznetsky Most

480 m

Building 7/5 3 B.Dmitrovka

330 m

Square Red Square

Main Square of Russia

700 m

Square Revolution

250 m

Building 6/6 Tverskaya

430 m

Lane Stoleshnikov

460 m

Design claster Artplay on Yauza

A downtown block in Moscow where architecture and art companies rent their offices

3 km

Embankment Crimean

2.5 km

Street Bolshaya Dmitrovka

200 m

Claster Red October

2 km

Square Tverskaya

610 m

Street Neglinnaya

600 m

Design Factory Flakon

A complex of design, media and event spaces in one “Flacon”

5 km

Street Staryi Arbat

2 km

Building 9/1 Trekhprudny

1.5 km

Lane Spasoglinischesky

1 km

Building 8/18 M.Kozykhinsky

1.5 km

Building 1/2 Solyanka

1.5 km

Park Bauman's Garden

2.5 km

Walking Boulevard Tsvetnoy Boulevard

1.5 km

Building 4/3 Strastnoy

920 m

Street Pyatnitskaya

2 km

Embankment Pushkinskaya

3 km

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