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Lubyanka 280 m, Kuznetskiy most 380 m, Kitay-gorod 590 m 14 / 2, bldg. 1, Myasnitskaya Street
  • (495) 624 87 50

Cafe and bakery Sweet Home Cafe


Best tea, coffee and more… for true experts and connoisseurs

Sweet Home Cafe

This modern café located in downtown Moscow features a convenient parking lot, comfortable halls and excellent service. Its clientele includes experts and connoisseurs of espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha and Breve, the best coffee served by Sweet Home Café. Tea gourmets will also like Oolongs, milk and ginseng, Dvortsovy Pu-erh, Assam, Genmaicha, herbal tea and other mixtures of herbs.

Two halls, soft chairs, large windows, shelves, lampshades and flower pots make this place cozy and welcoming, and great for both casual and business meetings.

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Lubyanka 280 m, Kuznetskiy most 380 m, Kitay-gorod 590 m
Moscow, 14 / 2, bldg. 1, Myasnitskaya Street

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