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Nagornoye village, Novaya Nagornaya street, 2
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Country Club Solaris


Carting, paintball, shooting gallery, street all and other sports; banquette hall, bar, sauna…

Paintball — 300 rub.
Archery — 250 rub.
Bicycle rent — 200 rub./hour
Sauna bath — 3,000 rub./hour
Preparation of shish-kebab — 2,000 rub./1kg

Organization of competition — 1,000 rub./hour
Volleyball court — 500 rub./hour
Rent of an open pool — 12,000 rub./24 hours

A “Solaris” country club lies in a beautiful forest area of Moscow region only in 800 meters from MKAD.


Carting is an opportunity to feel the drive of professional racing while staying in complete safety. Carting is the safest sport and active leisure among extreme ones that is allowed for children as soon as their feet can reach pedals.

The “Solaris” owes a three-level racing track of 990 meters which is a masterpiece of engineering. A race track has an up-to-date equipment that provides safety for beginners on a track and allows to develop high speed for professional drivers.

athletic grounds

There is a volleyball sand court and a street ball area with marking. We also offer table tennis, badminton, darts as well as volleyball, soccer and basketball balls.

”Solaris” hotel

It stands in a retired part of our club and offers our guests a vast selection of different suits in different price categories. You can take single and double suits, semi-luxe suits and even a wedding suit. All of them are equipped with a telephone, shower, toilet and a balcony.


For small and friendly parties who want to spend their time together.

Cottages are designed in a cozy village style and lies in a picturesque forest area where you and your friends can enjoy the silence of nature, take a rest and gain strength for further achievements.

Café complex

The “Solaris” country club houses a café complex.

On the territory of the “Solaris” country club there is a conference-hall with the area of 70 square meters.

There is also an entertainment centre “Bunker” with a banquette hall for 100 people.


Everyone, regardless of their age and sex, can play paintball. And a level of your fitness is not a decisive criterion but can be a good advantage.

There are two playgrounds and one training site with equipment. On a training site armatures may learn all the ins and outs of marker handling and prepare for “real” battles on playgrounds.

Our experienced personnel will choose a scenario that matches your requirements and qualification perfectly, they will provide fare and accurate refereeing while viewlessly following you during the whole “battle”.


A bow was a widespread weapon on all continents until invention of fire arms and was considered one of the most dangerous types of long-range weapon.


This is more modern, technically developed and accurate type of weapon.

In a pistol club of “Solaris” you can try AD-2 and AD-4 arbalests.

Pneumatic weapon

Take a challenge by shooting modern pneumatic rifles of 4.5 mm caliber.

Knife throwing

An impact strength of a flying knife is half as much as strength of a direct kick.

Multimedia shooting gallery

A multimedia shooting gallery of a Laser Shot generation. An action takes place in a special screen onto which computer projects different plots starting from hunting and up to hostage-rescue missions. You hold a laser gun or rifle. You can train your skills in quick firing in situation of deciduous skirmish, target shooting or shooting at running animal. Shooting galleries like this one are used for trainings of some Special Forces personnel.

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Moscow, Nagornoye village, Novaya Nagornaya street, 2

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