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Arbatskaya 590 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 630 m, Borovitskaya 720 m 22/2, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street
  • (495) 695 66 86

Cafe Receptor


Cafe with a creative outlook

Mon–Wed: 10:00–23:00
Thu–Fri: 10:00–06:00
Sat: 11:00–00:00
Sun: 11:00–23:00

Vegetable salad served with a sauce to your choice — 210 rub.
Crab meat Olivier salad — 350 rub.
Nevesta Avocado (standing for ‘Avocado’s girlfriend’) — 330 rub.
Salmon and mussels suimono — 180 rub.
Pumpkin Receptor — 220 rub.
Cream of lentils — 270 rub.
Pie with porcini mushrooms — 210 rub.
Crab al pub — 430 rub.
Tuna steak served with orange dressing — 800 rub.
Pastry wrapped carp — 350 rub.
Oriental pumpkin dumplings — 270 rub.
Mushroom cutlets — 250 rub.
Napoleon’s catharsis — 200 rub.
Sour cream cake with poppy seeds — 170 rub.
Don Mascarpone — 310 rub.

The café features a bunch of handmade interior elements, such as lamps, tables, walls, bar, forged tree in the restroom, giant keyhole at the entrance and painted mirror.

Each Tuesday, they show good movies in ‘Receptor’ in hall number one and play live music on Saturdays and Sundays.

Here, you can play board games, watch movies, enjoy the music of the piano, read books and dance.

They do not cook or eat meat in ‘Receptor’. Yet, they do not advertise it but compensate lack of meat dishes with abundance of fish ones. Vegetable soups they serve are 100% vegetable and contain no meat or fish broths.

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Arbatskaya 590 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 630 m, Borovitskaya 720 m
Moscow, 22/2, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

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