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Rimskaya 440 m, Ploschad Ilicha 500 m 9/2, Rogozhskiy Val
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Museum Retro-cars


Museum with a collection of working retro cars


Automobile — a path through the ages
Theme of the excursion is history of the car, its technical perfection. With the change of technical capabilities automotive fashion and styles change. During the excursion you can learn about the technical development of the automotive industry.

History of «Moskvich»
During the tour you will learn about the history of the Moscow AZLK factory. You will learn how the famous «Moskvich» car was created, how it became the first mass automobile of the Land of Soviets and how models of the well-known car were changed.

Path of domestic automotive industry
The cars «Pobeda», «Chayka», «Volga» and «Lada» are quite well known. But what kind of cars are «KIM», «Emka» and GAZ A? The excursion tells about well-known and quite unknown Soviet vehicles and the remarkable creators of Soviet cars.

Great people — great cars
The excursion tells about the creators of the most famous world cars — August Horche, Ferdinand Porsche, Harley Earl and the others. You will also learn about the famous cars, such as «Ford T», Volkswagen «Beetle» and «Pobeda». Learn about what cars were preferred by celebrities... and by very ordinary people.

About the museum

What Russian does not like to drive fast, as the saying goes...

Perhaps the love of cars is a national trait. We treat this technique in a special way, and some people are just obsessed with the cars...

It is no coincidence that for many people collecting retro cars has become not just a hobby but a lifestyle.
The basis of the museum exposition are cars from the collection «The motors of October.» Among them are the pre-war GAZ-A and the famous «Emka», cars of the Stalin era — the military three-ton ZiS-5 and representative ZiS-110. Here is the entire «Moscvich» line, from the rarest KIM-10 and «Moskvich» 400-421 (the only copy left) to the latest models of the plant.

The museum of old cars is the opportunity to make a small trip into the past. To experience the atmosphere of a bygone era and to touch the history literally. The guides will tell about the evolution of the automotive industry, the most interesting instances of the exhibition and answer the children' questions. Besides the known models homemade cars can also be seen here.

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Rimskaya 440 m, Ploschad Ilicha 500 m
Moscow, 9/2, Rogozhskiy Val

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