Turgenevskaya 540 m, Trubnaya 580 m, Kuznetskiy most 610 m 16 Rozhdestvensky Avenue
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Hourly hotel Podushkin


A mini-hotel at Rozhdestvensky with its equipment and entourage for the most passionate atmosphere

700-1,590 rub./hour
Minimal time to order 1-3 hours
Discounts are provided when staying for more than 5 or 9 hours

There is no need to show any documents to check in

The Podushkin on Rozhdestvensky is one of the mini-hotels of “Podushkin” mini-hotels network with the Pay by the hour system made for more than romantic dates.

Suits — that can be rented not only for an hour but also for a night — are equipped for erotic games which are not always easy to keep at home. There are also Jacuzzi and mini-swimming pools with waterfalls.

There are theme suits, for example, “Gothic” with an interior of medieval chamber and a number of devices for crucifixion; or “Russian” suits where evident things of the Russian izba (village hut) are gathered together with such Slavic elements as cloth curtains and wooden balusters. You can find pole, dildo-machine, tows, etc.

There are huge lux suits named “sky-blue” and “Eden” with enormous beds and various sex-machines.
Video-cameras for rent are also available.

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Turgenevskaya 540 m, Trubnaya 580 m, Kuznetskiy most 610 m
Moscow, 16 Rozhdestvensky Avenue

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