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Universitet 70 m Vernadskogo avenue, 6, building 3
  • (495) 938 22 18

Bar Beerhouse 01


Here, they set fire to the hearts of their clients to later extinguish it

Since 2001, the fire department ‘Beerhouse 01’ has courageously smothered dozens of thousands of fires in the hearts of their clients.

The menu calls for eating a lot. It is prohibited to ‘put out’ ‘Caesar visiting a fireman ’,‘False alarm’ and ‘Lunch at a fire department’ with anything but beer!

Red fire-fighting pipes are all filled with beer, not with water. Each table is equipped with a valve.

You can fight fire by yourself, by filling your glass with beer, one by one. Secluded nooks that are not equipped with a centralized beer supply system, have beer fire extinguishers.

The beer house is rather roomy. It has two floors and a lot of space which makes this place great for large companies. Here you will find a real fire-fighting bar-truck with fire-brigade-chief-bartenders serving beer.

On the walls, you will find pictures illustrating fire safety measures.

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