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Delovoy tsentr 130 m, Vyistavochnaya 210 m, Mezhdunarodnaya 270 m 2, Presnenskaya Embankment
  • (495) 745 09 28

Cafe Pinkberry


Nourishing and refreshing pleasure in the center of Afimoll City

daily: 10:00–22:00

Pinkberry originated in the USA and is famous for its frozen yogurt.

Its content of milk and active cultures, as well as amount of bifidus bacteria, exceeds the minimum amount of culture to call itself frozen yogurt according to Russian national standards. They use only fresh ingredients without adding water or fructose syrups.

They offer seven flavors to choose from (original, pomegranate, green tea, chocolate, cocoa and passion fruit) and serve them with over 30 toppings – dry, wet and fruit.

Along with frozen yogurt, they serve parfait with fresh fruits and fruit mix Pinkberry. It tastes best when followed by a smoothie.

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Delovoy tsentr 130 m, Vyistavochnaya 210 m, Mezhdunarodnaya 270 m
Moscow, 2, Presnenskaya Embankment

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