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Podolsk district, Ostafyevo
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Museum-homestead Ostafyevo


Ostafyevo Manor is so called “Russian Parnassus” of XIX-XX centuries

Wed–Sun: 10:00–17:00

Tours (for groups of 15 people):
Children — 300 rub.
Adults — 525 rub.
reduced-fare — 375 rub.

Wonderful park for walks and interesting museum within a stone's-throw from Moscow.

Active building of Ostafyevo started when in 1792 manor was bought by knyaz Andrei Vyazemskiy who decided to spend the rest of his life here after retirement.

The only remained construction of old times is the Trinity Church (1778) opposite the gates at the road. Architect of new manor is supposed to be Ivan Strahov, although there is also a version that knyaz himself took part in renovation as he loved architecture. Alley that goes from the gates of this manor leads to beautiful two-store palace house (1801-1807) which is connected with side wings by columns.

Recently, house was renovated due to its 200 anniversary. That is why his internal and external appearance looks brand new with its restored interior of early XIX century. Exposition is dedicated first of all to guests of Vyazemskie family. Since 1804 their relative had lived in Ostafyevo: historian Nikolay Karamzin who finished here his work on “History of the Russian State”.

After death of knyaz Andrei manor was passed to his son Peter Vyazemskiy who was a poet, literary critic and a friend of Pushkin. After he had fallen into dishonor in 1821, he has spent nine years in Ostafyevo under the surveillance of police. At that time Zhukovsky, Küchelbecker, Griboedov, Mitskevich, Mickiewicz and Baratynsky visited the manor. Concerts and readings regularly took place in the Oval Hall. It was Pushkin who called Ostafyevo “Russian Parnassus” during his numerous visits.

Pevel Vyazemsky, son of the Peter, tried to continue tradition, but he liked chamber companies more. In 1860, he invited Italian painter San Giovanni, and together they painted dome light of the Oval Hall during few evenings. Pavel was passionate collector of manuscripts and paintings. His passion impoverished him and ruined the manor. Situation was fixed when his daughter married the count Sergei Sheremetev. Collector and virtuosity, Sheremetev saw manor as a cultural heritage, in fact he made there private literary museum. On the limes alley he installed busts of the owners and guests of Ostafyevo manor.

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Moscow, Podolsk district, Ostafyevo

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