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Sportivnaya 540 m 1, Novodevichiy Passage
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Monastery & museum Novodevichiy


Luminous and wondrous abode


It is founded by prince Vasily III Ivanovich in 1524 in honor of the icon of Virgin Hodegetria to show his gratitude for having taken over Smolensk. In convent, there remains the grave of the first Mother Superior, Elena Decochkina from Suzdal, which attracts pilgrims.


Smolensky Cathedral with five domes stands in the center of the convent. Its interior still has fresco paintings which date back to the XVI century. The cathedral was build after the fashion of Cathedral of the Dormition in Kremlin (‘Uspensky Sobor’ in Russian).

Bell tower, 72 meters high, has six levels and was made in Naryshkin Baroque architecture style (late XVII century). It was the tallest bell-tower in Moscow after bell tower of Ivan the Great.

Vallum and towers were built during the reign of Boris Fyodorovich Godunov (1551 –1605) after the fashion of Kremlin and later decorated with laced elements.

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Sportivnaya 540 m
Moscow, 1, Novodevichiy Passage

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