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Place Moscow City

‘Moscow international business center’

Mezhdunarodnaya 230 m, Vyistavochnaya 460 m, Kutuzovskaya 760 m Presnenskaya embankment

‘Moscow international business center’

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  • Moscow International Business Center (Russian: Московский Международный Деловой Центр, Moskovskiy Mezhdunarodniy Delovoy Tsentr; ММДЦ, MMDTs ), also referred to as Moscow-City (Russian: Москва-Сити, Moskva Siti) is a commercial district of central Moscow, Russia. Located near the Third Ring Road in Presnensky District of western Moscow, the Moscow-City area is currently under development.

    The Moscow IBC is expected to become the first zone in Russia to combine business activity, living space and entertainment in one single development. The Moscow government first conceived the project in 1992. An estimated 250,000 — 300,000 people will be working, living, or visiting the complex at any given time.

    The construction of Moscow IBC is taking place on the Presnenskaya embankment of the Moscow River approximately 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) west of Red Square, and just east of the Third Ring Road. The project occupies an area of 60 hectares, the territory chosen being the only area in central Moscow that can accommodate such a project. Before construction began, the area represented an old stone quarry where most of the buildings were old factories and industrial complexes that had been closed or abandoned. The total cost of the project is estimated at $12 billion.


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