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Krasnopresnenskaya 360 m, Barrikadnaya 500 m, Ulitsa 1905 goda 720 m 13, Krasnata Presnya street
  • (499) 252 50 44

Cafe Michel


French café for romantic dates

Mon–Fri: 08:00–00:00
Sat–Sun: 12:00–00:00

‘Vegetale’ salad — 335 rub.
Thai rice with shiitake mushrooms — 320 rub.
Salmon and daikon carpaccio — 382 rub.
Tuna and farfalle salad — 520 rub.
Rabbit’s leg with morels — 790 rub.
Fruit salad with basil — 480 rub.

Cuisine is mostly French, with Russian touches. They renew their menu depending on the season and chef Alexander’s preferences.

Works by photo artist Irina Lisich are exposed here as both, part of her photo exhibition and interior decoration.

The restaurant&café that occupies two floors features large windows veiled with semitransparent curtains, walls which have been made look old artificially, and ceiling and chairs covered with velvet.

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