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Mendeleevskaya 280 m, Novoslobodskaya 330 m, Dostoevskaya 960 m 16a, Novoslobodskaya Street
  • (495) 787 65 09, 787 34 02

Bar-Restaurant Kuklyi Pistoletyi


Wed: 12:00–03:00
Thu–Fri: 12:00–05:00
Sat: 12:00–00:00
Sat–Sun: 12:00–24:00

The bar opened in 2008. It invites you to taste traditional European-Russian dishes and beverages, listen to live music, dance, chat with a bartender, play kicker, watch movies, try yourself as a DJ or submit your photo for a photo exhibition. This place is always full of friends and people sharing the same ideas as you.

Its bar features a wide choice of high quality alcohol, such as local and traditional cocktails, Guinness and Berlin beer for ‘children’. Freshly squeezed juice and homemade fruit drinks are also available. Its food is typical of a bar, with a bunch of pairings, large plates, girl’s food and dishes cooked in the open fire (Josper).

During the lunchtime, in their movie theater, they show movies and cartoons of different genres and themes.

In the evening, they occasionally show concerts from George Michael to The Killers on their large screen trying to create a new special atmosphere for you day by day.

Thursday is the day to listen to heartwarming cover songs.

Friday is the day for you to have fun and dance till you drop.

On Saturdays, they hold concerts in their separate hall for you to be able to communicate with each other. Dancing starts at 12 a.m.

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