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Biblioteka imeni Lenina 410 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 500 m, Borovitskaya 630 m
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Medieval Tsar Residence Moscow Kremlin


Visit the symbol of Russian statehood

Wed–Fri: 10:00–17:00

for tickets to attend:
the Armory — 200-700 rub
the ensemble on Cathedral Square — 100-350 rub
the Bell Tower «Ivan the Great» — 150-500 rub
the exhibition in the Assumption Belfry and One-Pillar Chamber — 100-300 rub


27.7 hectares of area
2,500 meters of walls
Thickness of walls is 5-19 meters
20 towers
4 gates


The oldest findings can be traced back to bronze age (they are more than three thousand years old).

Slavic town was founded here around 1000 years ago. Vyatichi, one of Slavic tribes, used to live here back then.

In 1156, Prince Yuri I Dolgorukiy (or «Yuri the long-armed» in Russian) also known as George I of Rus’ ordered to build a city in Moscow to protect the boundaries. It was supposed to be a wooden fortress surrounded by graff and earth wall.

In 1237, Kremlin was burnt by Mongols and Tatars.

Since 1990 Kremlin has been included into UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kremlin is the most ancient and basic part of the city. Moscow was built around Kremlin.

Moscow Kremlin is the residence of the President of the Russian Federation (in case someone didn’t know) and the main historical museum complex of the capital (although a lot of people think that it is closed for visitors).


— Cathedral of the Dormition (in Russian “Uspensky sobor”), The Cathedral of the Archangel (in Russian “Arkhangelsky sobor”) and The Cathedral of the Annunciation (in Russian “Blagoveschensky sobor”)
— Church of the Deposition of the Robe of the Holy Virgin (or simply Church of the Deposition)
— Church of the Twelve Apostles
— Ivan the Great Bell Tower

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Biblioteka imeni Lenina 410 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 500 m, Borovitskaya 630 m

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