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Kryilatskoe 640 m 11, Osennyaya Street
  • (495) 781 16 97

Restaurant Kinki


Gourmet Japanese cuisine restaurant

daily: 12:00–00:00

Traditional miso soup — 450 rub.
Seaweed mix with spicy dressing — 500 rub.
Marinated daikon — 270 rub.
Yaki Udon noodles — 900 rub.
Kinki Yaki, 100 g — 1,400 rub.
Atsui chicken — 950 rub.
Tiger shrimps — 450 rub.
Shochu liqueur — 500 rub.
Shochu Avamori Kumejima-no Kumesen Brown — 350 rub.

There are three zones at the restaurant: lounge with soft furniture and low tables, tables for middle-sized companies and café near the bar.

Interior décor features carved wooden screens in old Balinese style made of the tree of the same name which grows on Bali Island.

Kinki, small Japanese fish and a favorite delicacy in South-East Asian countries, is a rare incarnation of the unity of form and content. Kinki is self-sufficient and needs no dressings. Its soft white fillet is similar to that of salt-water fish from the North but is low fat.

Delicacies are delivered to the restaurant every day to be cooked at a Japanese three-level grill, each level fitting for each kind of product. Meat, fish, seafood and vegetables can be cooked in the grill.

Another feature of this place are berry shochu liqueurs. Shochu is a rice alcoholic drink (something between vodka and wine).

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