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Club Jao Da


More than the famous Chinese pilot

Mon–Wed: 11:00–06:00
Thu–Fri: 11:00–08:00
Sat–Sun: 12:00–06:00

Jao Da

During 11 years that the club has been in business, ‘Kitajskij Letchik Jao Da’ has won a good reputation.

It is known in Jamaica, Brasil, Benon, the Republic of Cape Verde, America and, naturally, Europe. The musicians from these countries performed at the club’s stage to become its friends forever.

African ethnic music was replaced with punk-rock and French chansonniers had to share the stage with Saint Petersburg’s hooligans. Apart from concerts, the club holds discos, children’s holidays, press conferences and even performances staged by its employees.

The club’s name (‘Kitajskij Letchik’ means ‘Chinese pilot’) originated from Jao Da, a half mythical personage, whose portrait can be found at the concert hall, in front of the stage. The walls of the club depict Jao Da’s flights and most memorable events of his life. Information on Jao Da can be found in one of our leaflets ‘17 episodes from Jao Da’s life’.

Dom Kukera

The club’s second hall is just half a year younger than its first hall. It was designed to be a ‘club within the club’. It is called ‘Dom Kukera’ meaning ‘Cooker’s house’ and named after famous English sailor John Cooker. His character is not a bit less interesting than that of Jao Da. They have a story to read about him, too.

‘Dom Kukera’ differs from ‘Letchik’ greatly. It features a fireplace and lampshades over the round tables. Here, they show movies and hold talk shows ‘Razgovorchiki’ (‘talks’) which are sort of meetings with cultural figures and art workers. In ‘Dom Kukera’ you can also find mail boxes made by club's friends Emir Kusturica, Manu Chao, Pelageya, Artyom Troitsky and Tequilajazzz, which are ready to accept your mail.

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