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Tsvetnoy bulvar 220 m, Trubnaya 300 m, Suharevskaya 620 m 24, Tsvetnoy Boulevard
  • +7 (968) 665 51 06

Cafe Jan-Jak


Paris café on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Chicken liver salad — 230 rub.
Onion soup — 240 rub.
Mussels ‘Provensal’ baked with cheese — 280 rub.

Edible snails served with cream&garlic sauce — 390 rub.
Confit of duck leg — 400 rub.
Frog’s legs served with aioli sauce — 420 rub.

Cream of caramel — 135 rub.
Éclair — 75 rub.
Croissant — 65 rub.

French wine, a variety of ciders, strong Calvados and other beverages from the café’s wine carte will make your French dinner unforgettable.

Classics of the genre

French cuisine, wine, cider, Calvados, mirrors on the walls and live music in the evening make this café 100% French.

Artist Muriel Russo, the café’s interior designer and creator of its atmosphere, is a thirteen generation Parisian. She did her best to make ‘Jan-Jak’ purely French.

This is a place where people drink, eat, have fun, declare their love and paint on tablecloths.

‘Jan-Jak’ provides its clients with everything they need for a great pastime: free WiFi, live music in the evening, piano and accordion, live performances by ‘Kvartet Kvadrat’ ensemble on Fridays and ‘BilVil’ ensemble each last Friday of the month.

The café features a children’s menu and holds holidays for children.

‘Jan-Jak’ is a café for everyone that attracts clients with its affordable prices and welcoming atmosphere.

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Tsvetnoy bulvar 220 m, Trubnaya 300 m, Suharevskaya 620 m
Moscow, 24, Tsvetnoy Boulevard

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Unusual cafes Our choice Jan-Jak French cuisine

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