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Kievskaya 370 m, Smolenskaya 990 m 7, Ukrainskiy Boulvard
  • (985) 764 23 64, (495) 363 06 32

Cafe Hachapuri


Eat khachapuri, khinkali and other current Georgian food

Mon–Fri: 10:00–23:00
Sat–Sun: 11:00–23:00

Khachapuri is a city cafe with Georgian food. We were intending to create an inexpensive, simple but stylish place with delicious and popular food prepared of the freshest products. Why not to try Georgian food? This cuisine is one of the most favourite, diverse, coloured and colourful.

This cuisine is full of comfort atmosphere and dare-devil fun at the same time. Tarragon drink, shish-kebab, khachapuri, chacha — don’t these words make your heart feel warmer?
«Khachapuri» is the cafe with food free of any difficulties and plays with national symbols. There you will never find plastic grapes on the walls, bundles of garlic hanging from the ceiling, a thick leather menu serving thousands of meals and stairs made of stone in a Tbilisi style. But there you will always find fresh food, parties with a lot of fun, hospitable hosts and mountains of tasty food.

Our menu covers all classic hits — pkhali, lobio, bazhe, chahohbili (chicken casserole). It is the first step. We will not allow you feeling bored.
And what about drinks? Alas! Nowadays only contraband Georgian wines can be offered but wines from abroad can help us. Wines from the New World and wines of inexpensive European Trademarks can accompany Georgian meals as usual ones. There are also herbal teas, drink of boiled quince, tarragon drink, coffee prepared on sand, fresh garnet juice. And Matsoni (Georgian yogurt), of course!

We are sure that khachapuri is a pizza of 21 century! It is time to stop eating bread covered with tomato paste in cheap Italian canteens!

We will give opportunity to modern urbanists to enjoy home cuisine of brotherly nation!

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Kievskaya 370 m, Smolenskaya 990 m
Moscow, 7, Ukrainskiy Boulvard

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