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Marksistskaya 250 m, Taganskaya 370 m 2a Aleksandra Solgenicina street
  • (495) 632 75 58

Club-restaurant Gusyatnikoff


Combination of traditions of Moscow merchant class and modern European club culture

Warm rabbit liver salad — 750 rub.
Green salad with fried chanterelles — 730 rub.
Calf brain roll — 600 rub.
Siberian stag meat dumplings with sour cream dressing — 750 rub.
Boiled asparagus with cheese sauce — 450 rub.
Borsch with pampushkas — 550 rub.
Vegetable soup — 450 rub.
Goose with apples — 7,500 rub.
Beef cheeks with buckwheat cereal — 1,500 rub.
Turkey cutlets with cream sauce — 800 rub.
Apple-ginger lemonade — 400 rub.
‘Petrovsky’ kvass — 300 rub.

‘Gusyatnikoff’ is an ambitious project of restaurateur Arkady Novikov. The club-restaurant occupies several buildings of an 18th — 19th century mansion near Taganskaya Square.

A billiard room, a cigar room, a hookah room, two dining halls, and a summer pavilion fascinate with their splendor. It also has a restored parquet of the 19th century, impressing black plaster busts and furniture of the 19th century.

In the restaurant, they serve dishes of traditional Russian cuisine with taste known to each Russian since childhood.

The club is situated in a separate building and its luxury is not at all inferior to that of the restaurant. Andrew Martin furniture, ultra-modern and daring, with seditious Mao Red Star leather sofas and exclusive crocodile leather tables.

It is not a club for the general public. Its doors are open to the élite and this very atmosphere makes the old mansion on A.Solzhenitsyn Street especially attractive.

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