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Kitay-gorod 620 m, Chkalovskaya 850 m 38, Rabochaya Street
  • (916) 613 42 86

Club-store Giperion


Books, doodads and other colonial produce

daily: 12:00–23:00

Giperion located on the second floor of an unshowy building is not just a book store selling best books ever. It is a cozy café offering dozens of sorts of tea and coffee where you can read or surf the Internet due to its free WiFi.

Along with other retro articles, here you can find old newspaper and magazine files, like ‘Crocodile’,’Perez’ and other.

Meetings with writers, concerts, lections, master classes, exhibitions and presentations, presents, souvenirs, author’s decorations and toys are what you will find here.

Giperion also sells dozens of types of paper to paint on, paints, ink, feathers and calligraphic pens, audiobooks, thousands of vinyl records and dozens of CDs by modern groups.

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