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Street art For what


Works of Moscow team ”Zachem” and quotations from interview with Kirill Kto and Misha Most

Kirill Kto was born in Zelenograd in 1984 and started his street art activity in ’96. He was a member of “Zachem” (“For what” in Russian) and “No future” teams and founded projects. He also gives lectures.

Interview with Kto Огонька:

It comes from my childhood: I spent a lot of time on the streets and I believe that I have a right to occupy this space. Here I slept, lived, hung out, met people and made love. When this space is being taken away from me at every corner – the same with cars and new architecture – I just can’t leave it like this. The city is my room, and today it is stuffed with garbage.

Who gave a permission. Only we are, by ourselves, the society and not someone else can allow or forbid us something, set mental lemits.

Graffiti, for example, reminds me that not all that is written on the wall is an advertisement…

How else can one remind a person about danger? He is dreaming awake.

From kirill’s LJ:

My vision of street art is a little bit wider: it is a successor of all the public art in terms of monumental art, land art, small forms of architecture, street theatre, political activitism, etc. Happenings, actionism, Environment Art, folk mass ramps and so on – these trends formed syncretical phenomena that we call today “street art”. But by mistake it is tightly associated with graffiti which limits street art with narrow technique and type frames.

Misha Most’s interview in Time Out:

When I started to write “Zachem” on the walls eleven years ago , perhaps it had changed something in someone’s mind. Anything that has been done effects someone for sure. Something affects only five persons, the other one – five million people. “Zachem?” was made not on my own. I started it and my friends followed this idea, a lot of people noticed it. It had appeared in movies, books, video shots. Maybe something about it had stuck with people. Something about the word itself, its meaning.

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