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Building Federation Tower


Complex of two towers

“East” (in Russian “Vostok”) tower height — 354 meters
“West” (in Russian “Zapad”) tower height — 242 meters
Spire — 509 meters

Area — 423,000 square meters
Number of floors — 93 in “East” and 62 in “West”

This project was developed by Sergei Choban in cooperation with Peter Schweger.

According to building owner, strength of concrete used during construction is twice as strength of usual concrete, which means that towers will stand the straight hit of an airplane.

The “West” tower of the “Federation” business complex became a winner of the world contest “Prix d’Exellence” FIABCI in “Office real estate” category.

In “Federation” complex there are office premises of “A+” class, apartments, five-star hotel Grand Hyatt Moscow, offices of the biggest banks and airline companies, restaurants and cafes, boutiques of the world leading trends.

On the 89th floor of the “East” tower there will be view platform where you can get by panorama elevators.

This building is also used as a tourists sightseeing object, skyscraper for extreme sportsmen (BASE jumpers, steeplejack) and as video and cinema set (TV shows, commercials, movies).

The world highest digital clock is also located on the tower.

Place reviews

  • The Federation Tower is a skyscraper currently under construction as part of the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia. Construction of the towers began in 2003. When completed it will be the tallest building in Europe. However the construction appears to have slowed down and is now expected to be completed in 2013.


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