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Turgenevskaya 340 m, Chistyie prudyi 440 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 500 m Bolshaya Lubyanka street, 30/2
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Club & Bar DeFAQto


‘FAQ’ multiplied by ‘Coyote Ugly’ and raised to the power of a London pub

DeFAQto is a new club launched by founders of the clubs FAQ-Café, ArteFAQ, Squat, and restaurants Grimm Sisters and August.

Live rock-n-roll in the evenings, Tuesday jazz, alcohol flowing like water, delicious steaks made of American marble beef Top Sérloin Cap, marked with skewers picturing unique serial numbers from the day of its opening.

The club’s clientele includes foreigners working in Moscow, businessmen, financiers and creative professionals.

The club’s primary attraction is ‘time capsules’. Its ceiling and walls are strewn with notes, envelopes and other boxes containing the visitors’ wishes, predictions, promises or bets. The club sets the date for the people who left notes to come, open their ‘capsules’ and find out if their wish/promise/prediction came true de facto. If so, they have to perform a ritual that includes drinking a proprietary cocktail called Dictum Faqtum (from Latin, meaning said and done).

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Turgenevskaya 340 m, Chistyie prudyi 440 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 500 m
Moscow, Bolshaya Lubyanka street, 30/2

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