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Rublevo Uspepskoe highway, an 8-km mark, Barvikha Luxury Village
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Dance Club DecaDance


Learn to dance in elite club on Rublyovka

DecaDance Dace Club

It stands in Barvikha Luxury Village Complex surrounded by boutiques of worldwide famous brands and provides an opportunity to learn how to dance for those who are precise in their choice of leisure.

An atmosphere of elite country club and professional approach allow to foresee the minute preferences of the most sophisticated visitors and provide new possibilities for dancing as well as development of one’s individuality by means of bright and emotional moves.

Elegant interior of eight dance halls, professional choreographers and regular master-classes of the leading world trainers will help every member of the club to immerse easily into the world of Latin American, classical European, passionate Argentine or modern club dances.

The club offers everyone an optimal training program which will take into consideration all of customer’s requirements: group trainings, individual lessons pr master-classes.

Dances for children

DecaDance teaching program pays special attention to individual programs for children.

Training for children aims formation of basic skills of movements to the music, ability to transmit tempo and rhythm peculiarities, general physical conditioning of children and of course learning of main dance styles.

Sport ballroom dances:
Latin dance: rumba, samba, cha-cha, jive, pasodoble.

Dances of Standard:slow foxtrot, waltz, Viennesse waltz, tango, quickstep

Antilles dances: salsa, merengue, bachata.

Argentine tango: Nuevo, Salon, Milonguero.

Modern dances: Jazz-modern

And others:
National dance, step, flamenco

Dance improvisation basics

A dance show is a possibility to understand a body language, learn to express emotions through moves (dance as a mean of communication, dance of different emotional states, development of acting techniques).

Technical base of dances:

Learning of general moves and figures, rhythm and musicality of performance.

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Moscow, Rublevo Uspepskoe highway, an 8-km mark, Barvikha Luxury Village

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Ballroom dance Latin Dance Jazz-modern dance

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